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Royal Mail delivery target country. And then was transferred to the state postal service and associated partners in the country. In most cases, we will use these things to the Royal Air mail service, so we can track the entire process of door-to-door package. Royal Mail will be used later if the destination country does not support an international sign.

Orders from outside the European Union will delete the Value Added Tax (VAT). Socket is not responsible for the running, or that the government is responsible for any tax rates or to impose import destination country. These costs are borne by the customer. They call their charge through our website by any government to accept responsibility imposed by the customer to confirm.

We can not predict the value of any government charge any fees. Custom policies vary widely from country to country, are changing. Each customer can buy any import charges or recommend us to believe that further information might be applied to their local custom should contact.

Card will be charged for any fees charged to customers refuse to pay for the construction costs of operation, according to the export customs duties.

scheduling Times
You want to get your order as soon as possible. If you placed your order before 3 pm on Monday afternoon - Friday, we will try to send the same day (except bank holidays). Saturday and Sunday will be the order process, but not sent until Monday morning. Sometimes, when a part of the order, there may be a slight delay separately. Customers have to pay additional postage cost is not the case, the client will replace the product or part delays the return of the notification options.

All orders will be asked to provide a tracking code scheduling. Orders can be tracked in the Royal Mail website tracking and tracing.

Shipping and billing address
Consumers have a different shipping address and billing address, that is an option. We billing address, you need to register the card does not match your full address, other payment is not settled by our security checks. Choose a different address international order, request identification (passport or driving license) can be evidence. Proof of identity will be the first order.

to delay
In rare cases, we may have to delay a little, be two working days of your stock items. However, the delay will be longer if you make sure that you are happy to wait for contact. In this case, if the customer returns will be applied to cancel the order. My project is not yet?

You may be many reasons why the order has not been received. First of all, check the Royal Mail to provide tracking information to track and tracing website. This information will give you a new ball. Sometimes we order the UK, it is necessary to allow seven working days to 28 days in international, it takes much longer than usual.

Over this case is tried, you need to get your package should be posted in the office or ask your local card.

Postal orders are a little lost. If this happens, we wait for you for 28 days, is required before we can ask. Under normal circumstances, the package is opened or returned to us within the hour. Then we get back to the delivery schedule or the cost of the project.

Product not for re-sale conditions, and back in the original packaging, no damage. Shoe boxs, can cause the return postage must be placed inside the package and not be seen as other expenses.

Customers must accept them in order to return the goods after 14 days. Exceptions can be made at Christmas or order is a gift, then please contact our customer service team.

All returns should be formed to facilitate this process, it is necessary to incorporate a full refund. If you have not accidentally lost or included, you can download and print at the back of the establishment.

Make sure the customer's responsibility, so it is recommended that you use the tracking service, fun safe return. We will not take responsibility for any lost during the export back to run transport.

Just get back to the return of the cost of production of goods, and will be treated on the same day. Customers will be notified by e-mail.

According to the above exchange you back to a different size or style of the project process, but the income statement, if you need to include what kind of products you want to return. Exchange Product (s) will be posted on the same day to get back to free. If the price is some difference, it is necessary to replace the money will be output (s) or before being sent to the refund. If any product available, users will be notified by e-mail. Consumers have been processed by the e-mail tracking information, including the exchange of new information, then. Outside the UK, the money will be a fun time management fee will be charged for the shipping exchange.

Failing back
Exports will try to ensure that all goods arrive in perfect condition for a single purchase. If this does not happen, the e-mail within 7 days from the date of thing, we will arrange a refund or replacement of defective products.

If you think the product is a product defect, we will return the product to offer to the tip of the said problem. If we think the product is a product defect, we will provide a full refund in exchange for a new product or customer needs. He said that it will be returned back to the customer the wrong product.

order canceled

If you wish to cancel your order before the goods received, please contact us by e-mail as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that your goal is to send as a command is received on the same day. Website Advertising cancel the project may have been placed with the right to apply for any product standard does not apply to special orders. We will return the total amount of money being paid to substance.

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